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Save yourself important time, simplify remote collaboration and focus on the essentials. With our groundbreaking AR software, YOU are in control - share your data and knowledge... no matter where you are!

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How does it work?


As an operator, you are in your typical working environment while wearing Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses. If you need support you can connect with a colleague or expert (Spectator) to collaborate efficiently on a specific task.

On-site staff can be trained and supported remotely through the Spectator using the remAid Web App:

  • Real-time audio & video communication
  • Hands free support
  • Interaction through various AR tools
  • Display images and videos on virtual whiteboard
  • Live Snapshots

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With our Spectator Web App you can support your colleague efficiently from any location. You can either use a PC or a Tablet to assist your colleague.

The Spectator can remotely guide the Operator via real-time audio & video communication and interactive AR tools:

  • No installation needed, simply use the web-based browser application
  • Various AR tools: e.g. Pen, Pointer, Marker, etc.
  • Virtual whiteboard with Text & Drawing Tool
  • Drag & drop images and videos in-to the media library and display them on the virtual whiteboard

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What can you expect...

Experts are rare in certain fields and have to travel a lot to provide on-site training. remAid allows you to train and support your colleagues from any location - remotely. With remAid experts are now able to share their valuable knowledge, no matter where they are. Increase your sustainability by travelling less and save costs and time.

We are committed to deliberately keep our software simple and intuitive to use. For the browser application, no installation is needed. You can connect to an Operator wearing a HoloLens from about any modern PC or laptop. The only necessary condition is a stable internet connection.

Data security & privacy is one of our core values. We don’t store any user data and we are proud of that. remAid is using direct user-to-user connections with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, our software is perfect for use cases dealing with sensitive personal data.

Location Independence

Cost & Time Savings

Data Privacy & Security

Knowledge Transfer

Ease of Use

Device Independence

How can you benefit from remAid?

remAid can be used for various applications. Currently we focus on the medical, the industrial and the construction sector.

The main idea behind remAid is to make remote work accessible to specialists who have so far not been able to benefit from the progressive digitization of the working world, because they are performing “hands-on” jobs.

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Turning ideas into reality

Usability Engineers for 20+ years

We are a team of employees including programmers, software developers, 3D artists and AR/VR experts. Together we form the augmented and virtual reality department of the Usaneers GmbH. Usaneers was founded in 2000 and has 60+ employees.

In addition to our projects in engineering and UX/UI, we offer a wide range of customized virtual and augmented reality software applications. We develop cutting edge applications for training environments and remote service solutions. The idea for our product, the AR software “remAid”, emerged from our enthusiasm for collaboration and our belief in the potential of virtual and augmented reality.

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