Medical Remote Proctoring for live surgeries

remAid can be perfectly used to remotely proctor your colleague in the operating room.

Various tools allow a medical expert to proctor an operation remotely from wherever he is located. The Spectator (Proctor) can display different medical sources e.g. live ECG and angiography, use the AR tools, show relevant diagnostic reports on the virtual whiteboard and communicate with the operating surgeon via audio and video communication.

Set-up one-on-one:

  • Operator and Spectator

Live Trainings, Workshops & Events

In combination with the MediLive camera production set-up, remAid can also be used for live-transmissions from the operating room. Transform your live trainings, workshops and medical congresses in a hands-on experience.

We provide you with various individually tailored set-up options.

Set-up options one-to-many:

  • Operator with Spectator and Product Specialist with Q&A function
  • Live workshop format with audience
  • Live training format with audience
  • Medical Congress format with live streaming in event hall

Who is it suitable for?

Medical institutions like:

  • Clinics
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Medical training providers
  • Medical event agencies
  • ...

In cooperation with:

We partner with MediLive, a widely experienced full-service production company specialized on live-events and live-transmissions in the medical field. is our partner taking care of medical regulatory requirements and responsible for the distribution of the medical remote proctoring set-up.