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remAid offers a variety of features to give you the right tools to communicate efficiently with your coworkers. We are constantly developing and creating new features, in order to continuously improve the interactive communication between Spectator and Operator. In the following we have listed all currently available remAid features.

At a glance...

Virtual Whiteboard

Virtual whiteboard for sharing images and videos

Real-Time Communication

Real-Time and high-quality audio & video streaming

Interactive AR Tools

Laserpointers, Pins for guidance and 3D Drawings in real-time

Media Library

Drag & Drop image and video library to assist the operator on the fly

Security & Data Privacy

End-to-End Encryption and no data storage

Multi-Platform Application

Whether desktop, tablet, smartphone or smartglasses. We got you covered

Virtual Whiteboard

Drawing Tool

The Spectator can directly draw on the Virtual Whiteboard. He can choose from a variety of colors and sizes and adapt them perfectly to the task at hand. The drawings are shared in real-time with the operator. Shape, size and position are all individually configurable.

Text Tool

You can also write on the Virtual Whiteboard. Simply click anywhere on the Whiteboard and start typing. After you have confirmed the text, it will be displayed on the virtual whiteboard.

Move, Scale, Rotate

Since the Operator might not always be able to position the Virtual Whiteboard in a suitable location, we have integrated a way for the Spectator to take control over the Whiteboard and to place it wherever it’s needed.

Real-Time Communication


Talking is one of the most important aspects of communication. With remAid you will be able to communicate in real-time and in crystal clear quality. No muffled sound or delay anymore.


As the Spectator you want to be able to observe what happens in the Operators environment. Using the web-based browser application, you will be able to follow the operator’s first-person view live via their smart glasses, so you can always have an eye on the scene. Choose your desired video quality based on your connection speed and enjoy a real-time livestream in high quality.

AR Tools

By using remAids various AR Tools you can guide the Operator and interact with their real-world surroundings, as if you were right next to them. With remAid you can significantly reduce misunderstandings and errors in day-to-day remote communication.

Interactive AR Tools


Highlight important spots in the real environment of the Operator with a simpleclick., by placing a marker right into the live video streamThe Marker will always stay in the same location, while the Operator can move around.


You can use a Laserpointer in the Operators environment to effortlessly guide him. The tool is equivalent to a real Laserpointer.


You want to draw something in the real environment of the Operator? No problem, use the Drawing Tool and start drawing in 3D space. The drawings can be deleted with just one click afterwards.

Media Library

Drag & Drop

You are able to add a large variety of images and videos to the WebApps media library by simply dragging & dropping them from your File Explorer. You can then share those on the Operator’s virtual whiteboard.

File Formats

We support multiple file formats in the Media Library. For images we currently support PNG and JPG/JPEG. Videos are supported as MP4. The range of possible file formats is constantly expanded.

Live Snapshots

If you need to talk about some details, the Operator can easily take a snapshot on the spot with his smartglasses. The snapshot will be instantly displayed on the Virtual Whiteboard and stored in the Media Library during the session.

Security & Data Privacy

Room Code

We attach great importance to a high level of security. For each session a random 4-character Room Code is generated. It serves the Spectator to securely connect to the Operator. This has the advantage that no user data or passwords are required. With only one license several colleagues, can use remAid. That makes it an economical and independent tool that takes your data security serious.

End-to-End Encryption

The connection between Spectator and Operator is stable and secure, because they are based on direct peer-to-peer connections. Our connections are entirely end-to-end encrypted, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art WebRTC technology. That allows us to provide you with great flexibility regarding the secure integration of different devices or platforms.

Data Privacy

Using RemAid you don’t have to worry about your data, because we don’t even get to see it. Thanks to our direct peer-to-peer connections, no user data will be transmitted to our servers. Apart from Spectator and Operator, no one will get to know what you are talking about or which files you are sharing with each other.

Multi-Platform Application


remAid is available on any Desktop PC as a WebApp. Without having to install anything you can jump straight into a connection and guide your partner. The only necessary condition is a stable internet connection and a suitable internet browser.


During the day you might not always be at a Desktop PC, but you can still connect to the Operator from a Tablet. Work from wherever you are and from any device. Simply open the WebApp and connect to your partner.


As an Operator you are able to experience real holograms and get instant help by the Spectator, while still having both of your hands free for your current task.

Anything missing?

Let us know about any ideas you might have! Getting feedback and improving our software is very important to us. We are always open to new ideas.

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